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Clear Blue Pool and Spa specializes in providing pool service and repairs in the San Fernando Valley, Conejo Valley, Malibu and parts of the Westside.

With different levels of service to fit most customers budgets, let us help you maintain your pool to the highest industry standards whether you are a do-it-yourselfer who would like to have the water chemistry professionally maintained or you just want to enjoy your pool and leave the service to us, we can provide a top level service at a reasonable price.

We offer the following levels of service:

  • Chemical Only Service:  Designed for the customer who understands the importance of consistent water chemistry and understands the health danger by having water that is not maintained properly.  We will professionally test and maintain your pools water chemistry to industry standards testing Chlorine, PH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and conditioner levels, we will also check and empty your skimmer and pump baskets to provide your pool with proper circulation and help reduce stress on your equipment.  In addition we will do a visual inspection of your equipment, including the filter and advise you of any problems we see (as well as an estimate to repair the problem!).  Chemical Only service includes adding liquid chlorine and acid to maintain proper chemistry, additional and supplemental chemicals, if needed are billed separately.
  • Net-n-Jet Service: Designed for a customer who many not use their pool that often and has a pool cleaner installed but would like the pool otherwise professionally maintained.  In addition to the Chemical Only Service, we will also net the pool on a weekly basis. Customer should understand that although pool cleaners do a good job, they are no substitute for regular vacuuming, therefore the pool will not appear as clean as if it was professionally maintained and we recommend the pool be vacuumed by hand at least once a month (either by the customer or we would be happy to do it for an additional charge).
    (If you do not currently have a pool cleaner installed, we will be happy to quote you a price on a new one.)
  • Complete Pool and Spa Care (our most common service):  Designed for the customer who just wants to enjoy their pool and let a professional do all of the work!  In addition to the Net-n-Jet Service, your pool will be professionally vacuumed as needed and the tile line, steps and spillways will be brushed.
  • Salt Water Pools:  In addition to the different levels of pool service we provide, we also specialize in salt water sanitizing systems.  A properly maintained saltwater pool will sanitize your water and kill harmful bacteria like regular chlorine but without the dry skin, red itchy eyes, fading of bathing suits and chemical taste normally associated with chlorine pools.  It's important that if you have a saltwater pool or considering having a salt water system installed, you should have that system properly maintained by a specialist.  If a salt water system is NOT properly maintained, it can cause expensive damage down the road.